Bye Bye Birdie

April 1, 2011 to April 9, 2011
Palace Theatre, London, Ontario, Canada

What's the story?

The show revolves around rock n' roll superstar, Conrad Birdie (loosely based on Elvis Presley) who, to the dismay of his adoring fans is about to be drafted into the army. As part of his last publicity stunt cooked up by his agent, he promises to give a goodbye kiss to one lucky girl from Sweet Apple, Ohio on the "Ed Sullivan Show". The upbeat score has more pop than a pack of bubble gum features well know musical numbers such as, "Telephone Hour", "Put on A Happy Face" and "Kids". Everything old is new again in this old favourite.

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Cast and Crew

Artistic Team:
Producer/Choreographer - Laura Wood 
Assistant Producer - Kerry Stover 
Director - John Gerry 
Musical Director - Grant Statchuk 
Stage Manager - Anne Cuthbert 

Production Team:
Assitant Stage Manager/Wardrobe - Jacqui Vandale 
Assistant Stage Manager - Jen Fraser 
Set Design - Janice Johnston 
Set Construction - Tom Smyth 
Lighting Design - Karen Crichton 
Wardrobe - Shelley Craigon 
Props - Irene Nicholls 
Makeup/Hair - Peter Popowich 

Cast in order of appearance:
Albert Peterson - Dean Greer 
Rosie Alverez - Laura Giberson 
Helen - Alex Tremblay 
Alice - Lucy Morgan 
Margie - Andrea Ludwick 
Freddie - Colt Forgrave 
Karl - Braden McMahon 
Harvey - Brett Langlois 
Penelope - Sara Preston 
Suzie - Emily MacKinnon 
Ursula - Sarah Stanton 
Kim MacAfee - Cathy Lawrence 
Harry MacAfee - Chris Wood 
Doris MacAfee - Nicole Newell 
May Peterson - Kathy MacDonald 
Hugo Peabody - Jordan Baldwin 
Deborah Sue - Joasia Ogilvie 
Mrs. Merkle - Sue McKone 
Chloe Duggal - Nancy 
Mayor - Rick Smith 
Conrad Birdie - Brendon Ainscow 
Randolph MacAfee - Matthew Downs 
Gloria - Robyn Deverett 
Maude - Christian Groleau 
Mayor's Wife - Alana Rapacz 

Chorus: David Burnett, Ben Cookson, Emily Greer, Charleanne Hardcastle, David Jeffrey, Alan Legg, Holly Johnson, Mathew MacDonald-Smith, Aly McKone, Zach McKone, Ken Minogue, Liam Morrison, Natasha Roberts, Emma Ruddock, Thomas Sayers, Sam Sendas, Kathie Wolcott