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performance dates - April 20-29, 2018

mcmanus stage, The Grand Theatre, 471 Richmond St, London

Subscription packages for MTP’s Spring 2018 season are available for a combination of a single ticket for THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA and a dinner and show ticket for BROADWAY TO THE MAX for only $65!

Musical Theatre Productions invites you to vacation in 1950s Italy with the critically acclaimed and Tony-award-winning musical, THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA. Based on a novella by Elizabeth Spencer and the 1962 film starring Olivia de Havilland and George Hamilton, this lush, romantic story of fate and lovers divided by culture and secrets will have audiences moved and captivated.

In the summer of 1953, Margaret Johnson, the wife of an American businessman, is touring the Tuscan countryside with her daughter, Clara. While sightseeing, Clara, a beautiful young woman, loses her hat in a sudden gust of wind. As if guided by an unseen hand, the hat lands at the feet of Fabrizio Naccarelli, a handsome Florentine, who returns it. This brief episode, charged with coincidence and fate, sparks an immediate and intense romance between Clara and Fabrizio. Margaret, extremely protective of her daughter, attempts to keep Clara and Fabrizio apart. Unable to suppress the truth about her daughter, Margaret is forced to reconsider not only Clara's future, but her own hopes as well.

Featuring a sweeping, Tony-winning score and orchestrations by Adam Guettel and a book by Craig Lucas, THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA runs April 20-29, 2018 at the McManus Stage – The Grand Theatre.



Producer: Kyle Stewart
Director: Kristina Baron-Woods
Music Director: Andrew Rethazi
Stage Manager: Kristen Clancy
Assistant Stage Manager: Jason McMannis
Set Designer: Laura Sepulveda
Lighting Designer: Stephen Mitchell
Costume Designer: Kristina Baron-Woods
Hair and Makeup Designer: Heather Heywood
Properties Lead: Patt Brocksom


Hillary Tufford - Clara Johnson
Ceris Thomas - Margaret Johnson
Matt Butler - Fabrizio Nacarelli
Duane Woods - Signor Nacarelli
Bronwyn Powell - Signora Nacarelli
Rachel Sherret - Franca Nacarelli
Colton Abel - Giuseppe Nacarelli
Christopher F. Parker - Roy Johnson
Henry Truong - Priest/Ensemble
Kate Milner - Tour Guide/Ensemble
Rebecca Deeming - Ensemble
Rachel Ginther - Ensemble
Hannah Perdu - Ensemble
James Petrasiunas - Ensemble
Jordan Rowley - Ensemble