March 20 - 28, 2009
Palace Theatre, London, Ontario

An unfortunate convent cooking accident causes most of the order of the Little Sisters of Hoboken to die of botulism. Before all of the deceased sisters can be buried, Rev. Mother buys a camcorder and a flat screen TV for the convent, resulting in them not having enough money to bury 4 of the dead sisters (who, by the way, are temporarily being stored in the freezer).

In order to raise money to bury the sisters, the Little Sisters of Hoboken (well, what's left of them) joined by the Brothers of Hoboken and the staff and students of Mt. St. Helens Catholic Academy put on a riotous revue packed with hilarious, show-stopping song and dance numbers.

The original musical has been Supersized!

'Mega Nunsense' stars the five original nuns and features five new (male and female) characters as well as a large chorus of men and women and children.

New songs and expanded dance numbers make this version bigger and better than ever!

Cast and Crew

Artistic Team
Artistic Director - Angela Southern
Musical Director - Angela Southern
Choreographer - Laura Wood

Production Team
Producer - Laura Wood
Stage Manager - Anne Cuthbert
Assistant Stage Manager - Kassidy Kanter
Set Designer -Tom Smyth
Set Construction - Tom Smyth, Yvon Robichaud
Lighting Designer - Rob Coles
Wardrobe Co-Ordinator - Shelley Craigon
Props Co-Ordinator - Brenda McDougall
Props Assistant - Jeanne Mersereau

Reverend Mother - Kathy MacDonald
Sister Mary Hubert - Nicole Newell
Sister Robert Anne - Maria Simos
Sister Mary Amnesia - Sarah Cholmondeley
Sister Julia - Kerry Stover
Sister Mary Leo - Angela Mota
Sister Mary Brendan - Kathy Quayle
Sister Marion - Mary Jane Walzak
Sister Mary Luke - Hilary Greer
Father Virgil - Fraser Allen

Female Chorus
Valerie Barath, Renee Borg, Tina Chamberlain, Lynne Craven, Allie Fisher Laura Giberson, Charleanne Hardcastle, Sandra MacDonald, Sue McKone Jill Micomonaco, Raven Mullan, Brittany Mumford, Natasha Roberts, Pat Vafiades Jacqui Vandale, Kathy Wolcott.

Male Chorus
Colton Abel, Gord Hardcastle, Jacob Kabel, Matt Stewart, Tom Stewart